Power Point Standings

South, Group 5

Updated: 11/8/2014 6:08 PM

Please note: as per the NJSIAA’s offical power points formula, “The power ranking system will be the sum total of the best seven (7) of their eight (8) completed games played up to and including the cut-off date.”

Each team's points total listed below will link to its power points calculations page.

Lenape800 163.0
Rancocas Valley620 139.0
Williamstown620 126.0
Cherokee530 117.0
Brick Memorial530 106.0
Atlantic City530 100.0
Toms River North530 88.0
Millville440 88.0
Egg Harbor440 82.0
Southern440 75.0
Washington Township260 55.0
Vineland260 48.0
Howell260 44.0
Cherry Hill East170 43.0
Eastern170 40.0