Power Points Now Online

By Jon Fass
Posted:  Wednesday, October 5, 2016   9:55 pm

After a few technical difficulties, we're happy to report that Gridiron New Jersey's power points standings are now online.

However, the NJSIAA's new head-scratching addition to the formula has not entirely been accounted for.  For those unfamiliar with what's new with the power points formula, here it is:

"Opponents of North Jersey Super Football Conference United Red and White Divisions will receive power points as follows: Two times the Quality, Group and Residual points against Red Division teams and 1.5 times against White Division teams.  In either case, points will be calculated as though the opponent had won, regardless of the actual outcome of the game."

It's our understanding, as it was originally reported, that this new caveat was intended to entice schools from outside these two divisions -- meaning public schools and other non-public teams -- to be more willing to schedule the NJSFC non-public heavyweights.

However, Columbia, Montclair and Lincoln are the only ones to do so.  Our power points calculations will reflect the new wrinkle for these schools.

But, for the time being, our power points calculations for non-public schools will NOT reflect this new change.  Our standings will use the same calculations that have been used for the last few years.

You can judge for yourself how drastic of change this is, when you'll see several instances of a losing team being awarded more power points than the team who actually wins the game on the field.

As we get closer to the cutoff date, the non-public power points calculations will eventually be tallied to show the new rule change.

Jon Fass is the owner/operator of Gridiron New Jersey and can be reached by emailing jon@gridironnewjersey.com.