Corrections to OSI and Updates to Out-of-State Strength Index

By Jon Fass
Posted:  Oct. 27, 2021  10:40 pm

Unfortunately, we ran into some bumps in the road.

Our initial calculations of OSI this week were hindered by a glitch involving two teams who each received two forfeits (Brearley and Newark West Side).  Not only were their OSI's slightly off, but so was the OSI of their opponents.  That, of course, wreaked havoc on the UPR standings.

Thankfully, those errors have been taken care of and the correct OSI and UPR have been published.

It's important to remember, that according to the NJSIAA's Rules & Regulations, Strength Index ratings will not change for this week's games. What's online now will be the Strength Index used to determine final OSI.

However, something was discovered regarding the Strength Index for four out-of-state teams.

As per the NJSIAA Rules & Regulations, out-of-state Strength Index ratings are determined by comparing the MaxPreps rating of the out-of-state team to that of New Jersey teams.  University (FL), an opponent of Cedar Grove, has a rating of (-1.3) on MaxPreps, which is the same as Immaculate Conception.  Immaculate Conception's Strength Index is 70.47, so that's the rating that was originally assigned to University.

However, the problem here is that Immaculate Conception is in the Ivy White division of the Super Football Conference, which makes them ineligible for the playoffs.  Their Strength Index could be perceived as being a bit inflated because they've picked up seven wins against other teams in their division, who of course, are also not playoff eligible.

The NJSIAA has determined that because Immaculate Conception is not eligible for the playoffs, they will be removed from the ratings comparison.  University's (-1.3) rating falls between Atlantic City (-1.1) and Bridgeton (-1.4).  The average Strength Index for these two schools is 53.54, which is the new Strength Index rating assigned to University.

Similar situations were also discovered for Capital Harbor Prep (CT), an opponent of Phillipsburg; Morrisville (PA), an opponent of South Hunterdon; and Dalton (NY), an opponent of Newark Academy.

Capital Harbor Prep has been assigned a Strength Index of 46.38, and both Morrisville and Dalton have been assigned a Strength Index of 23.45.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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